Positive Growth Psychotherapy, LLC

The Mission of Positive Growth Psychotherapy

is to Help You Grow in New and Positive Dimensions…

I will honor every human being who walks through our doors in such a way that they will be seen, heard, acknowledged and understood in an empathic way that changes their lives for the better.  I will help everyone heal the hurts they have experienced at a deep level, learn more consciously the lessons that life is showing them, overcome life’s obstacles, and move upward in the direction of positive growth.  I will also help each person honor themselves and deeply develop the spark of light, healing and joy that helps them make the most of the gift of who they are and what they bring to life.

Individuals, couples, families, groups and communities can all be seen for therapy in order to move in the direction of positive growth.  I also love, honor and respect everyone’s cultural diversity.  Diversity is our utmost strength as a community.

I also offer therapeutic support to people with serious and persistent mental illness. For some years, I worked at Northeast Community Center for Behavioral Health in Northeast Philadelphia with clients of all races, genders, sexual orientations, ages, mental and physical abilities, nationalities, ethnicities, religions and beliefs.  I have found that the universal key to healing starts with building a caring and empathic relationship, and that the benefits of therapy will also have a positive influence on all of the other interactions and relationships one values.

I offer therapy sessions at a discounted rate in order to accommodate all financial situations and circumstances.  My fees range from $100-$200 per session.  I can also be flexible in unusual circumstances.  Insurance is not currently accepted.

Employing many effective modalities from standard talk therapy with active listening, to expressive arts techniques for healing such as writing and drawing, as well as mindfulness exercises such as meditation, deep breathing, yoga and qigong, I offer tools that can be learned and employed during and between your sessions.

You can heal.  I can help you. You can express yourself to me and I will offer non-judgment, unconditional positive regard, and a safe, supportive environment for your healing and positive growth.  I aim to accept you fully so that, together, we will remove the obstacles in the way of your happiness.  You may live creatively, peacefully and joyfully.  You may be encouraged to do the work that brings you true fulfillment.  Therapy will enhance your motivation and contribute positively to your overall health and wellbeing.

As a reminder, all of our work together is confidential and your privacy will be protected as well as respected.

Positive Growth awaits you!  Rise and shine!

Sincerely yours,

Elana F. Stanger, L.C.S.W.

The Mission of Positive Growth Psychotherapy

is to Help You Grow in New and Positive Dimensions…