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Make Art

Every human being is a unique artist.  Made in the image of Our Creator we, too, are creators.  We enjoy making things as an extension of our own unique selves and our own creativity.  It is good to make art and express ourselves creatively.

Some of us were taught that we are terrible artists, and we have aimed to cease all of our unique, creative expression lest we subject ourselves to further criticism, ridicule, and hurt.  Some of us have learned to call others “good artists” and have learned to imitate others in their expression, thereby ruling out our own unique expression.  We have learned to question ourselves.

It is simply not true that you are not a good artist.  Of course, you are a good artist.

Each person has his or her own unique way of expressing him or herself.  We must use our own unique creativity to free ourselves.  It is possible to heal by making art.  It is even good to have a practice of making art on a regular basis.  This way, we build up our “art muscles” and create a channel inside of us for the healing and divine inspiration to come through.  The more you try, the more you will see yourself and your squiggles develop into new and different squiggles and patterns.  Keep going.  See what’s inside of you.  Be curious.

Yes, you may not be Picasso or Monet, but why should you be?  You are you, and who you are is perfect.  You are exactly right just as you are.  Your creativity is good.  Express yourself!




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